Wilder Haas


The founder, Daniel Haas was born in Australia in the year of 1989. He was born and raised in a suburb of Victoria, in a small city near Melbourne. Daniel grew up in the outer suburbs with a small family. His father a good man, his mother such a loving person and his little brother, three years his junior was his best friend.

Daniel always wanted to create something unique and had a love for watches, this grew as, he grew into the person who has created the range of elegant, classy and sleek watches you see today. In 2015 Daniel moved to the Sunshine Coast of Australia with very little money and worked a full-time job, this is where he set my goals for the Wilder Haas jewellery collection.

Wilder Haas was born in early 2019, on the Sunshine Coast of Australia.

Wilder Haas, we’d like to thank you for your interest and are thrilled to have you look at this site with great interest. We are committed to turning every one of your desires in wrist wear into a reality by following one simple rule, Every watch is crafted to reflect who you are, and to show everyone, this is “HOW I TELL MY TIME”!


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We at Wilder Haas have a passion for fine jewellery and hope you love the range as much as we love designing it and bringing to you

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