Think about things differently 

No Mainstream | Est April 2019


The founder, Daniel Haas created Wilder Haas in memory of his Grandfather Paul Haas who passed away in 2018. Paul had a Dutch / Indonesian heritage and loved collecting and fixing watches, he had a sound knowledge of vintage timepieces.

Paul grew up mainly in the Netherlands and at a young age joined the Dutch Navy. Paul did his fair share of travelling with the Navy where he would collect watches from all over the world. In his down time on the ships he would fix broken watches he had collected where his passion grew for unique timepieces.

Paul would pass his passion and knowledge on to his grandson Daniel who founded the street label in early 2019 naming the brand after his first-born son in remembrance of his grandfather. Creating the vision set by Paul, Daniel has created and developed the brand known as Wilder Haas that was envisioned by his grandfather adding his unique no mainstream street apparel and accessories.

Every watch has a story that is growing as time evolves, the purpose of the brand is to include you on this journey as we create something different.



When you join the team you will be the first to hear about our exclusive offers, the first to know about a product release and invited to preorder before others.

We have a passion for the finer details in life, we offer luxury yet affordable products with out breaking bank. We source only the finest materials and promise to produce something unique.

Not just a movement, something more.

Yours truly, Daniel