Under this warranty with the Wilder Haas Watch Collections, your watches parts & workmanship are guaranteed under abnormal use for six months from the purchase date. If you become aware of a defect in your watch including, parts or workmanship with in the six months, Wilder Haas will, at its sole discretion, provide for repair or in some circumstances replace your watch. If your watch is no longer available you will receive store credit at the same value of your original purchase.

To have your watch repaired or replaced under this warranty, please email 📧 wilder.haas@outlook.com for additional instructions. You will be directed to our customers service department.

If you mail your watch for repair or for your watch to be replaced you must ensure the watch is packaged carefully. If you fail to comply with this, Wilder Haas will not repair or replace your watch.

You will not be charged for repair or replacement under this warranty. Wilder Haas won’t cover the cost of shippment & you will be responsible for the cost to be sent back for repair or replacement. 

The limited warranty does not cover the following - Batteries, straps, bands, bracelets or crystals. Damage of any kind if evidence the watch was caused by accident or misconduct.

Damage resulting from repair, service or alterations by anyone other than Wilder Haas will not be covered under this warranty.

Warranties are valed from the date of purchase.

Wilder Haas is not liable for incidental consequential, or special damages.