How much are the delivery charges

- Free Australian & World Wide Shipping.

How long does shipping take

- All products come with a tracking number, if you would like to receive your tracking number please do not hesitate to fill out on the contact page.

- The delivery time depends on the location of the buyer. Standard shipping is 7-14 business days.


- Wilder Haas is a proudly owned & operated Australian company. 


- Currency is used in USD as Wilder Haas provides a world wide service including delivery’s.

Payment Methods 

- Payment methods include PayPal, credit and debit cards for a safe transaction.

Warranty & Refunds

- All Wilder Haas Watches have a six month warranty for customer satisfaction.

- All Wilder Haas Rings & Necklaces have a no return or refund policy unless the ring or necklace you received from Wilder Haas is damaged or disfigured. You will be required to show proof of purchase & required to send a photograph of the damaged product to the Service Team by email wilder.haas@outlook.com

If you purchase a Wilder Haas Ring & it is the incorrect size, Please contact the Wilder Haas Service Team by email wilder.haas@outlook.com 

Please note - In most cases Wilder Haas will not offer a refund on a ring that was purchased & doesn’t fit the desired finger.

If you would like a different sized ring, you will be required to send/ship the ring back to Wilder Haas at your own cost for a replacement sized ring. The ring must be in the same condition as received by the buyer. No ring with any damage will qualify for a replacement ring. You will also be required to pay Wilder Haas a fee of $10.00 USD for the new sized ring to be sent/shipped to your postal address. Email the Wilder Haas Service Team for more information wilder.haas@outlook.com

After 14 days of purchase Wilder Haas will not accept any returns or refunds on Rings or Necklaces.